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Make A Statement – Oversized Clocks

November 8, 2011. Hot Stuff


Posted by Hollis

Are your walls empty? An oversized clock might be just what you need. These unique accessories can add instant character to your room and create a focal point. They can also make your room appear larger. Whether  vintage, rustic, chic or retro we have a clock for you.

Shown: Gastown Clock, Versa Self-Adhesive Clock, Mayfair Clock, Clock White & Black Oval

Is this décor trend for you?

Lena @ Listen to Lena! - November 21, 2011

Absolutely – I have two oversized clocks from Urban Barn – both Umbra, if I’m not mistaken – and they fit in seamlessly with my decor. Great trend!

Newton Carco - December 2, 2011

I really think this is a great information for me. I should bookmark to your RSS feed. Thansk.

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