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This Is A Man Cave – Ladies Forbidden

June 1, 2012. Home How-To's


Posted by Alyssa

I have overheard many conversations on the topic of “man caves” in recent years due largely to the fact that my car port may soon become one.  Let’s face it; I’m as willing to watch football or go fly fishing as the next girl so I don’t pretend to know exactly what goes on in these spaces and I am told I never will.  What I do know is that feminine touches and décor advice are STRICTLY forbidden. So what goes into creating this den of masculinity? Bear skin rugs? Taxidermy? Power tools?

In the spirit of Father’s day (and to squash my curiosity), I conducted a poll among some of the men I know to find out exactly what items top the list for man cave must-haves.  While some of these guys may have disagreed on a few points or wished for things out of the realm of possibility for the average guy, several key components ranked the highest on just about every list. Here are the top 6 must-haves for every man cave:

Products shown: Belvedere Recliner, Zenith Bar Stool, Directeur Floor Lamp, Leather Sofa,  “Good Beer” Wood Plaque

1 . TV – As large as money can buy, this was unanimous. No surprise here.

2. Surround Sound System

3. Comfortable sofa or recliner chairs – even though the opinions varied from “comfortable recliner” to “distressed and worn looking” the answer was always leather. No chenille to be seen here ladies!

4. Fully stocked bar 

5. Games – all sorts of games! Everything from video games to pool, poker and darts

6. Beer fridge

I guess what you see here is not much of a surprise but a few answers that didn’t make the cut definitely deserve marks for creativity. Among these interesting requests was a shooting range, good lighting, a wood workshop, a deep fryer, movie memorabilia, a bathroom and a backyard pub (which apparently you can buy online).

So with all that in mind I say “STAKE YOUR CLAIM” all you single guys, husbands and dads! But at least try not to do it with too many neon beer signs and Scarface posters. If you look around, you may just find some stylish guy stuff that will suit even the manliest of man caves.

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