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Some Spooky Facts

October 29, 2012. Hot Stuff


Posted by Alyssa

I do realize that this may be a departure from most topics on this blog but with Halloween just around the corner I have decided to shake things up!  Here are some weird and spooky facts to share with your friends at your next costume party.

1. Hungarian composer Reszo Seressin wrote a song so sad and sorrowful that it is said to have led countless people to commit suicide after its release in 1933. The song, later translated into a less depressing English version, was banned from radio stations by Hungarian authorities.

2. Ever wonder how dressing up for Halloween originated? According to legend, the veil between the human world and the spiritual world is the thinnest on October 31st so people dressed up in disguises to avoid being recognized by ghosts.

3. One in 2000 babies is born with teeth. Enough said.

4. You know Chucky? The doll from the movie Child’s Play? Well, the story of Chucky was actually based on a read doll that belonged to Robert Otto in the early 1900’s. The doll was given to Robert by a nanny skilled in black magic and voodoo and is said to be possessed by evil spirits. Numerous friends and family members claim that they have heard the doll emit a terrifying giggle and have even witnessed the doll speak and move around.

5. According to research, over 2500 left handed people are killed each year using products made for right handed people.

6. In 1518 a case of dancing mania occurred in Strasbourg, France. This weird phenomenon, named The Dancing Plague, started when a woman began to dance in the streets for several days without stopping. Within a week she was joined by dozens of others, many of whom danced non-stop until they died of heart attack or exhaustion.

7. Every year, over 70,000 people report a UFO sighting worldwide. That’s an average of 192 sightings every day.

8. The Harvard Law School library has a very rare collection of books that are bound in human flesh, a process called anthropodermic bibliopegy which dates back to the 17th century. The collection includes a book on anatomy and some judicial writings bound in the skin of the murderer convicted in the proceedings.

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