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Gifts That Won’t Go In The Garbage

December 13, 2012. Hot Stuff


Posted by Jesse

Gift giving ideas are easier than ever to find with the help of the Internet. Knowing the difference between the gifts they’ll love and which ones they can live without… That’s the tricky part to figure out! Here are a few of my suggestions for the hard to buy for people in your life.

For your adorable Grandma:

She might act like she loves everything you give her… but don’t be fooled. As we grow older, we appreciate more and more what is useful. My Grandma used to say “if I can’t eat it or wear it, I don’t need it.” I think everyone deserves a little more than that.

  • Throw: Gone will be the days of cold legs!
  • Updated kitchen gear: Introduce Grandma to the luxury of silicone bakeware or a new design of ice cube tray. At first she might be hesitant, but give it time and she’ll embrace the new.

For the traveler in your life:
The traveler in your life must always travel in style and comfort while feeling connected to home.  Maps are boring. Think outside the box!

  • Gadget sleeve: For a laptop or phone. A durable, yet stylish choice is probably best.
  • Portable power stick: You never want to lose touch with your traveler. Affordable portable electronics chargers are the perfect gift!

For your long distance lover:
Long distance relationships are a lot of work. Choosing the perfect gift shouldn’t have to be!

  • Weekender bag: An obvious hint. Encourage spontaneous weekend visits!
  • Tickets to a concert of sporting event: Let your lover connect the dots when you buy a pair of tickets for an event in their city. Don’t forget to buy an airline ticket for you to get there though!


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