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Colour Sneak Peek – Spring 2013

January 8, 2013. Hot Stuff


Posted by Jesse

The colour of happiness, yellow (Dijon, in particular) is the colour we’re most excited about this upcoming season at Urban Barn.

Yellow is the perfect colour to introduce to any room where an energy lift is needed. Don’t like cooking? Try adding a touch of yellow to your kitchen. Avoid painting your bedroom yellow… you might not be able to sleep at night!

Pairing yellow with a classic charcoal grey is a no brainer!

Buddha – Dijon (Available Feb 2013)

Riviera Stripe Rug – Dijon (Available Mar 2013)

Neutrals (black, grey, white and brown) are classic year-round choices but we’ve decided to re-introduce these colours with a subtle beach vibe. All-neutral schemes give any designer (novice or experienced) the perfect backdrop to inject trendy seasonal colours. Our aim is to bring a little vacation your way this Spring. Relax and enjoy!

Marina Pouf – Ivory (Available Feb 2013)

Cartwright Coffee Table (In stores now)

The colour of a caterpillar, a garden hose and fresh leafy vegetables, green is the one Spring colour that we know is here to stay.

There are many shades but the vibrant Wasabi green is an Urban Barn classic!

Green is the colour that the eye perceives as the most restful colour. The colour is well suited for almost any room in your home. Perhaps the best rooms to decorate with greens are those rooms we head to for relaxation. Consider decorating a bedroom or family room with punches of green to create your own calm zone.

Mongolian Cushion in Chartreuse (Available Feb 2013)

Hoot Stool – Green (Available Mar 2013)


Chris Letts - January 17, 2013

Just wondering, what ever happened to those sweet Chairman Mao statues Urban Barn was selling a few months ago? Would really love to get one!

Hollis - January 19, 2013

Hi Chris! I’m sorry to tell you we are completely sold out of those and have been for quite some time!

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