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March 2, 2013. #MyUrbanBarn


Posted by Alyssa

This week’s UB In Your Home post comes from Julia P. of Etobicoke. Here’s what she had to say about her space:

“Urban Barn absolutely inspired my design style – from the first moment I walked into the store I fell in love with the Nest Chair and I planned my whole living room around it.  I have a really long skinny room and a rectangular loveseat would have blocked the flow of the room.  The Nest Chair was just the right size to add a corner seating area and fill an otherwise empty space.  I also splurged on beautiful Osaka rug, 3 lantern lamp, diamond floor cushions, accessories & Cartwright dining table.”

View: Thilde Coffee Table, Galactic Floor Lamp

View: Furniture Faster Nest Chair (Bumps Charcoal), Cartwright Dining Table, Lantern 3 Floor Lamp

We love that you’ve placed the Nest chair in the corner. It has left a smaller space feeling more open and is complimented by the floor lamp hanging over top.

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Cassondra Wiebe - March 2, 2013

I’ve been wanting that Nest chair! I have to coordinate my UB visit times to when a saleswoman isn’t there because she always recognizes us and I feel like I go there too much!

Mariam Hakimi - March 19, 2013

That’s because they work on commission.

Hollis - March 20, 2013

We love getting to know our customers! I think it’s great that you visit so often! 🙂

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