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Shine A Light – Rethink Your Lighting Options

May 3, 2013. Home How-To's


Posted by Stacey


Gone are the days where the only purpose of lighting was function.  No more fluorescent glare or barely there glow…lighting options have come a long way.  Lighting is now an integral part of our home décor.

Sure, the primary use is to provide light – but why not think of this as an opportunity to add a unique design element to your room at the same time?


Items shown: Bardot Table Lamp $119, Helix Table Lamp $89, Lanterna Table Lamp $119 – all from Urban Barn

Take a table lamp for example; the designs are endless and some almost emulate a piece of art.  When making a selection, be sure to consider the colour and scale of the lamp well as its function.

Items shown: Directeur Floor Lamp $189, Lantern 3 Floor Lamp $279

Lacking overhead lighting in a dim room?  In need of extra light but short on space?  No problem, floor lamps today are now available in a myriad of options.  Combination arc and multi head lamps, such as our Lantern 3 Floor lamp, provide ample lighting while taking surprisingly little space on your floor.   Maybe you’re looking to light up a specific area – if so, our Directeur Floor lamp is spot on!


Items shown: Cranium Glow Lamp $39, Eiffel Glow Lamp $39, Owl Glow Lamp $39 – all from Urban Barn

Want to create a little ambience or add a touch of whimsy to your space?  Our glow lamp collection will fit the bill!  The natural porcelain finish emits a soft warm glow while at the same time adding character to the room.

At the end of the day, in the right lighting, we all look good!

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