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Thanksgiving: Three Ways

October 9, 2013. Home How-To's


Posted by Kim

While dressing the turkey for Thanksgiving can be stressful, dressing your table doesn’t have to be! Here, on our popular Irish Coast Extension table (now 15% off, along with the rest of our dining furniture, until Monday), we pulled together three completely different looks. They’re simple enough that the table is literally able to be set in minutes, but still have a cohesive feel that your guests should be able to appreciate!

1: Put a bird on it

With some clean white porcelain bird accents and a pop of teal, this table feels fresh and whimsical.



2: Rustic romance

Muted tones and rustic wood textures with just a touch of sparkle – this is a table to linger over!



3. Party animal, all grown up

So what if the turkey’s a little dry – you make a killer cocktail! If this sounds like you, a tongue-in-cheek setting with muscle-man wine cozy and mustache cocktail picks may just be for you! (Sock monkey guest optional.)



Which is your favourite?

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