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UB Spotlight: Warm & Cozy Faux Fur

October 23, 2013. UB Spotlight


Posted by Julie

As the weather gets colder it is coming time to snuggle up to someone or something warm.


My husband, like many husbands I guess, hates to pay for a few extra degrees on the old thermostat.  Contrary to his popular belief, I find 18 degrees C (65 Fahrenheit) to be a little too chilly for a comfortable room temperature.  Tired of having the same conversation, I reach for my faux fur blanket.  I got mine over 5 years ago – some of the diehard Urban Barn fans will remember when we carried them before, and like a favourite sweater, I cannot part with it and it still looks great. Surprisingly I use mine year round here in British Columbia, with the exception of about 6 weeks.  Even on cool summer nights, when given the choice, my guests always go for the fur.


If you have ever owned one you know what I am talking about, but if you don’t you have to find out! Plus, they’re currently 20% off, along with all our pillows and throws, but only until November 3rd!

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