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One Room, Two Looks

September 28, 2015. Home How-To's


Posted by Lindsay


You can easily change the look and feel of your room by simply switching up your accessories. Take a look below to see how we transformed one room by simply switching accessories with warmer tones for accessories with cooler blue tones. Easy breezy!


1. Magazine Holder 2. Nysa Tealight Holder 3. Kiera Vase Tall Fig 4. Mongolian Toss 5. Banff Squirrel Toss 6. Cable Knit Throws 7. Anona Tealight Holders 8. Marina Poufs 9. Papineau Wall Art 10. Trays



ChangingAccents_productsR21. Leilani Tealight Holders 2. Faux Fur Toss 3. Cairo Vases 4. Accent Pillows 5. Banff Bird’s Nest Toss 6. Wall Art 7. Mayberry Black Bear Crate 8. Marilla Décor Bowl 9. Anona Tealight Holders 10. Candle Holders



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