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5 Tips to Create a Spring Table Setting

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Written by Lisa Poirier of Sublime Design

Spring is definitely in the air! The snow is melting, the sun is poking through the clouds a bit more and people seem to have a bit more spring in their step. Like you, I am always excited for this time of year! With the spring season upon us that means celebrations like Easter and Mother’s Day aren’t far behind. Here are some fun festive ways to create a spring table setting for those brunches you will soon be having.


1. Colour theme
This year when it comes to home decor we are seeing a lot of blues, pinks, corals, and yellow tones. These are beautiful colours to add to your table setting. These colours scream springtime and are perfect for this time of year.


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2. Table runner
If you want your table to be a little less formal and more relaxed, use a table runner instead of a table cloth. Pick a table runner with a quote that represents you and your family. This will add warmth and a more personalized touch to the setting.
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3. Mix and match dinnerware
Nowadays it’s totally fine to mix and match styles, so have fun with it! Mix and match your dinnerware showcasing some of the seasons colours. It will bring life to your table setting and add some playfulness.


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4. Conversational pieces
I love being at a dinner party or a brunch and spot something so unique you must ask the host or hostess where they purchased it from. Try adding some unique pieces to your table setting that will surely catch the eyes of your guests and have them talking.


Featured: Webster and Party Napkin collection
Featured: Webster collection
5. Blooms and branches
A table setting isn’t complete without flowers. Add a few varieties of flowers as your centre piece to tie it all together.


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Featured: Shae hydrangea, Necco blossom and Dancing orchid

This spring season have fun preparing your table setting. Add colour, be creative and give it personality. You will surely win the hearts of your guests!

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  1. Vincent Jr.

    Lisa , As always your design skills are a trade mark in your visual and written
    presentations. I enjoy your blogs very much. Excellent results !!

  2. Almost like it was made for us. I wonder if I ll get away with blush dinnerware for my Christmas table?

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