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Reflecting Style: 6 Tips For Hanging Mirrors

tips for hanging mirrors

Mirrors don’t just belong in the bathroom. It’s never a bad idea to give you and your guests the opportunity to check a reflection in other parts of the home. Plus, mirrors serve the clever purpose of making your space feel larger and lighter. Compared to other room-expanding tricks like painting or fully redecorating, hanging mirrors is especially attractive to renters or anyone looking for a quick upgrade. To take the guesswork out of adding reflective décor to your home, these are our favourite tips for how to hang mirrors.

1.Look to the Light

Make the most of natural light by strategically hanging mirrors in your living room or bedroom. Consider the angle of the sun and place mirrors so they reflect natural light. Hang a mirror opposite south-facing windows or on the wall next to east-facing windows to give your room a sunny boost.

2.Entryway Inspiration

For the first thing guests see when they enter your home, a well-placed mirror over a console table or bench adds the chance to check your reflection when you’re coming or going.

3.Hang It Right

Use mounting hardware properly to keep mirrors safely hanging on your wall. It may be tempting to add wire to the back of a mirror, but each D-hook or keyhole mount on the back of a mirror should attach to its own hook or nail on the wall for safety and stability.

4.No Hanging Required

Concerned about making holes in your walls or causing damage with a large, heavy mirror? Floor mirrors like Presley and Valdes lean against your wall for instant room expansion, no tools required. Add one to your bedroom to simplify your morning routine, or in a narrow hallway or foyer to help open up the space.

5.What’s Your Style?

For a cohesive design style, look for mirrors that fit with your room’s aesthetic. Think windowpane pattern in your modern farmhouse bedroom, wood frames for spaces with rustic style and organic shapes for mid-century homes.

6.Great Heights

Confused about how high to hang your mirrors? Like wall art, most mirrors are best hung at eye level, but this can vary depending on the space. Over taller pieces of furniture, like a chest of drawers, leave 4-6 inches of breathing room between the top of the chest and bottom of the mirror. In rooms where most people are sitting, like over a dining room sideboard, hang mirrors slightly lower.

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