Create a Stylish Home Office You’ll Actually Want to Work In

create a stylish home office

For telecommuters, part-time students, and people who are always on call, a home office gives you a dedicated place to get to work. And unlike the offices you share with coworkers, working from home gives you the chance to design a productive space that fits with your sense of style. Whether you’ve got an entire room to work with or you’re carving out a creative nook in an apartment, we’ll show you how to design a stylish home office that inspires you to get things done.

Get Comfortable

A great office chair doesn’t just tie the room together, but it also determines how comfortable you are in your home office. If you’ll use the space frequently, it’s worth investing in a chair that feels as good as it looks. Choose an adjustable chair that lets you position yourself at an ergonomic height or a stationary chair that supports your back and lets your feet sit comfortably on the floor. With comfort and style in one productive package, the Handler Chair makes your home office work for you. Made with faux leather upholstery and a black metal frame, Handler gives your office a visual upgrade from standard chairs. You’ll love spending executive time at your desk and won’t be embarrassed to roll this chair out when you need an extra seat for guests in the living or dining room.

Work Lights

Offices have a bad reputation for harsh, fluorescent lighting. At home, use warm, stylish lighting to make your workspace more inviting. Adding lamps at different levels keeps your home office functional and working easy on your eyes at any time of day. An adjustable desk lamp is a home office must-have. Our current favourite, the Drexel Lamp provides ample lighting with a contemporary metal shade plus a USB port and wireless charging pad to keep you connected while you work. Pendant lights are popular over dining tables and kitchen islands, but these hanging lamps also work well over a desk. No overhead wiring? Choose a floor lamp with multiple shades to light the rest of the room and keep your home office from feeling like a cubicle.

Use an Unconventional Space

You don’t need a spare room to carve out some productive time at home. Use a slim, space-saving desk to turn a corner of your bedroom or a hallway into an office space. From our new fall collection, the Elkland Desk keeps it simple with angled metal legs and a wood desktop. This slim piece is perfect for digital creatives who work online, and comes with a simple drawer and open shelf  to keep your laptop safe.

Inspiring Touches

Like the rest of your home, the office is an extension of you. Make it reflect your personality with personal touches inspired by your life outside of work. Every work-space should have at least one piece of wall art. For inspiration without distraction, we love hanging large, abstract paintings above a desk. Greenery is another easy way to make your office feel more creative. When natural light is minimal (or nonexistent), use faux potted plants to bring nature to your desk or bookshelf.

Storage Solutions

When clutter causes anxiety and steals your focus, more storage is usually the answer. In smaller spaces, a rolling file gives you a dedicated place for loose papers and stationery supplies. If you’ve got an entire room for your home office, a display shelf or bookcase lets you store work supplies alongside personal touches like plants and mementos. For the best of both worlds, the Lenyx Collection comes with drawers for hiding messes and shelves for showing off books and collectibles.

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