Creative Gift Wrapping

I’m a sucker for packaging. It can be anything from some terrible smelling body lotion to a bottle of overpriced water. If it comes in cool packaging or has a funky label, I am ALL OVER IT. So it’s no surprise that when it comes to wrapping presents, I love to go all out. I’m also proud to admit that after many years of practice and many MANY failed attempts and paper cuts, I have become quite good at it. In this article, I hope to offer some ideas and advice to those of you who are currently sitting among a heap of boxes, wishing that they would wrap themselves as you sip on spiked eggnog and watch National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.


Before proceeding with your crazy wrapping extravaganza, you must ensure that you have all the necessary supplies to make this process smooth and fun. Here is what I used:

  • Scissors
  • Invisible tape (or double sided if you’re fancy)
  • Hole punch
  • Christmas beverage (IMPORTANT)
  • Good Christmas movie
  • All wrapping paraphernalia such as paper, ribbon, tissue and whatever else you require

CRAFT PAPER – Perfect for any gift and any occasion but especially useful when wrapping large gifts (like Barbie’s dream house) because it’s cheap and it comes on a big roll! This is one style of wrapping that you definitely want to embellish with a nice ornament, ribbon or paper design.

THE NEWSPAPER WRAP – This is a really fun and eco friendly alternative to wrapping paper, sure to impress the tree-hugger on your list! Everything from the sports section, to comics and classifieds can be used, just make sure you don’t use the tragic story on the front page. This style of wrapping definitely calls for a nice fabric ribbon.

GIFT BAGS – Ever had to wrap an action figure? If you have then you know that they often come in awkward shaped boxes designed to make anyone want to never wrap a gift again. This is where the “the gift bag” comes in. Ideal for nearly any wrapping situation, from Batman to the multi item gift that you want to wrap together. Choose a bag that’s simple and colourful, remove the handles and punch evenly spaced out holes in the bag. Add ribbon to close it together and voila!

THE JAR – Mason jars are among my favorite items for decorating and gift wrapping so raid your pantry or head over to your nearest thrift store and buy them for cheap! You can use it as a substitute for the traditional cookie tin or fill it with any other goodies that may be on your list.

THE CANDY WRAP – I call this “the lazy gift wrap”. This is a go-to method of wrapping for many men (and some women) that I know but it doesn’t always have to look like you didn’t make an effort. The key to this style of wrapping is to use a proper amount of tissue or cellophane (or both) to allow for nice ends and tie it up neatly with a ribbon or string.

GIFT TAGS – Consider buying generic gift tags in bulk and create a “signature” that you use on all the gifts that you wrap throughout the year. This is a memorable way to put your creative stamp on all your gifts. Another great alternative to this is to add bold lettering to your gift using a stencil and cutting them out.

EMBELLISH! We’re not all Martha Stewart and many of us don’t have the budget or time to scour the aisles of our local craft store searching for items to attach to our gifts, but there are other ways to add some flair to your wrapping. Anything from evergreen branches to ornaments and origami can be used, all you need is imagination!

JAZZ UP YOUR RIBBON – There are tons of creative ways that ribbon can be tied around a present so next time you are on the hunt for wrapping materials, consider buying various colors and styles of ribbon to add to your repertoire. Use non-patterned paper (so it doesn’t compete with your fabulous design) and let your imagination run wild!

Do you have any creative gift wrapping ideas?

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