sleep softly: guide to custom upholstered beds

Custom upholstered beds

You spend about one-third of your life in bed. So why not buy a bed frame tailored to your sense of style? Upholstered beds are a cozy alternative to wood and metal frames, and our made-to-order fabric beds let you create the piece that’s exactly right for your room.

Why Buy an Upholstered Bed?

Not sure about leaving your wood or metal frame behind? Here’s why upholstered might be the best choice for you:

1. Comfort

If you spend non-sleeping hours in bed, an upholstered frame adds instant comfort. A soft, padded headboard lets you read in bed without a mountain of pillows behind you, and provides the perfect cushioned backdrop for watching TV or scrolling through your phone on lazy mornings.

2. Practicality

Upholstered beds are more paint-friendly, protecting walls from being rubbed by pillows. Unlike wood and metal headboards, upholstery is less likely to dent or gouge your walls. Keeping walls scrape-free makes it easy to play with different furniture arrangements in your room, and renters can be more confident in getting back their security deposit.

3. Style

With freedom to choose from hundreds of fabrics, upholstered beds let you make a distinct style statement. This is your opportunity to play with texture and colour. Choose the perfect shade to coordinate with surrounding furniture or add on-trend details like tufting and piping. Fabrics like velvet, faux leather and textured tweed can transform your bedroom from basic to beautiful.

Caring for Upholstered Beds

Like with a fabric sofa, an upholstered bed should be vacuumed regularly to prevent dust buildup. To prevent fading, position fabric beds in the shade or keep curtains drawn during the day. Our advice for pet-friendly sofas also applies to upholstered beds. Tightly woven, synthetic fabrics are more durable, easier to clean and less likely to snag on claws.

Ready to get cozy with an upholstered bed? Try one of these favourites from our made-to-order collection:


Totally on-trend. A channel-tufted headboard makes Dexter the perfect upholstered piece for style-forward bedrooms, and cone-shaped legs add a hint of mid-century modern flair. Choose your favourite shade to coordinate with other bedroom textiles or try our Quick Ship Dexter dressed in dark grey, non-tracking velvet.


With square-tufted panels on an ultra-tall headboard, our Greyson Custom Bed will be the undeniable focal point of your room. Sheltering sides make a striking nod to traditional furniture styles, but clean lines keep Greyson an easy fit in your contemporary bedroom. Our Quick Ship option in Tony Charcoal gives Greyson a formal, tailored appeal, while lighter colours let you get the look without overpowering your bedroom.


Strong and straightforward, Gryffin brings all the comfort of an upholstered bed in a simple design. A lower profile headboard means this piece is less likely to block windows or overwhelm smaller spaces. For an extra design detail that looks good in any fabric option, Gryffin’s thick headboard is framed with unique flange piping.

Now’s the time to bring home the comfort of an upholstered bed! All made-to-order pieces are 15% off until April 8th.

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