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using colour and texture to create a room with personality

use colour and texture to add personality

Do you have a room that feels like it’s missing something? Or maybe you’ve just moved into a new space that feels more like a blank canvas instead of your own. Either way, the answer to your problem is probably colour, texture or both. Giving your space a distinct feel doesn’t require paint or a big budget for renovations. Use these 5 tips to add all the colour, texture and charisma you need to feel right at home.

1. Curate

Art is all about personality. Pick the right piece and you’ll have a conversation-starting, thought-provoking addition to the room. If your walls are bare, this is the perfect opportunity to add an oversized statement piece to the room. When wall space is limited or hanging art isn’t an option, lean artwork on a sideboard or dresser. Choose pieces that speak to you; we love abstract art because it works with most interior design styles, but other styles like pop art and surrealist prints can bring the big splash of colour your blank space is missing.

2. Go Green

Indoor plants are definitely on trend right now, but natural colours and textures never really go out of style. Foliage adds an extra layer to any design style, and these natural accents go with pretty much everything. Whether you’re going for a contemporary urban jungle or floral-accented farmhouse, the last thing you want is wilted plants or flowers past their prime. In rooms with limited sunlight or households where plant care is a struggle, faux foliage gives you the look without the upkeep. New to plant parenthood? Try a mix of real and faux while your green thumb develops.

3. Monochrome Textures

If you feel most at home surrounded by neutral colours, adding texture is a crucial way to keep your room interesting. Accent pillows are one of our favourite ways to texturize the room. Toss cushions are meant to be touched, so why not choose pieces that feel as good as they look? Pile on pillows made with soft velvet, embroidery and fabric with shine. Even in neutral colours, these pillows bring layers of personality to your sofa or bed.

4. Feel Your Floors

Area rugs are one of our favourite ways to take a room from basic to beautiful. Even if you don’t need one to add warmth or dampen sound, investing in a rug lets you bring pattern and texture to any size room. Because dining rooms tend to be filled with neutrals, this is the perfect place for an area rug with lots of colour. When you’re choosing a dining room rug, look for a low-pile rug that won’t make it harder to pull chairs in and out. In your living room or bedroom, go for textured pieces like the Shiva Rug, made with jute and leather for a unique look. When you’ve already got bright accents in the room, this neutral-coloured rug adds layered style that goes with everything.

5. Decorate in Layers

Less doesn’t always equal more. Instead of adding a single textured pillow to your sofa or one lonely accent to your nightstand, group these pieces together to make a bigger, more intentional statement. Layering works on any surface in any room. From decorative accents and stacked books to pillows and bedding, layers make your room look like it was styled by a pro, and let you add more pieces that show your sense of style. Grouping accents in threes is a good rule for layers that don’t overpower the room, but moving things around and experimenting is the best way to figure out what suits your space best.

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