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DIY Lamp

Industrial accents are my new obsession and having recently seen these super cool wall mounted lights on a TV show, I immediately went on a hunt to find them for myself.

To my dismay, I kept coming up short! Everything I saw was either not quite right or not quite in my price range and of course, buying something on line is out of the question as I would have to wait for it and patience is definitely not a virtue of mine. It has to happen today. Right now.

I decided to take matters into my own hands and dragged my husband to the hardware store to see what we could come up with. The results are an interesting and VERY inexpensive DIY that I’m hoping you’ll enjoy and be inspired by.

Here are the items that you need.

Fasten the metal flange to the top of your lighting fixture but first be sure to spray paint the fixture (which I neglected to do at the time) to match the rest of the lamp. This way you can avoid doing it after it’s all assembled… like I had to do.

Assemble all of your pipe fittings to your liking (the possibilities are endless as plumbing parts come in all shapes and sizes) and thread the wire through the fittings.

This is the part where you need a trained professional so let your electrician friend know that you’ll be calling in a favor. You will need to wire your lamp together and install a rocker switch and plug. You can also have these lamps hard wired to a wall switch but that’s a whole other ball game.

Fasten your lamp to the wall and voila!

  1. Thanks. You helped solve a dilemma regarding the wiring I have wanted to do on a ‘Steampunk’ project I just got started on. Sometimes we make things more difficult than they really are.
    Really love that ‘Industrial’ look !

  2. This is great…gonna show my husband and get him to do something like this for my loft! I don’t have the patience to do these things myself so good on you!!

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