Top Furniture Trends: Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse Furniture Style

Are you a traditional soul living in a modern world? We’re continuing our series on top furniture trends with a style that keeps your home calm and comfortable with a touch of rustic charm. Farmhouse furniture is inspired by traditional forms, but it takes a less fussy approach than typical antique pieces. Instead of your grandma’s delicate furniture, these are pieces you’d be more likely to find on a stylish ranch.

What Makes Farmhouse Furniture?

Farmhouse style is all about traditional details in modern spaces. To bring home this sophisticated, country-inspired style, look out for these design elements:

1. Architectural Details

Put the “farm” in farmhouse with details inspired by old-world architecture. Look for barn door inlays, cross-beams, and trestle bases you might see on a country bridge. Instead of dainty details that only serve as decoration, these farmhouse hallmarks add strength and style.

2. Comfort + Warmth

Farmhouse style is cozy and functional. Lots of white, soft greys, and rich wood tones keep farmhouse spaces warm and approachable. Sofas and chairs are especially roomy and comfortable. Instead of sleek and slim, farmhouse style seating equals generous proportions and thick cushions that you’ll love to sink into after a hard day at work.

3. Size

Farmhouse furniture tends to be large and sturdy. This scale helps architectural details stand out, and makes it easy for the whole family to gather around the sofa or table. If you’re looking for farmhouse style with room to adjust, look for extension dining tables and ottomans that can be moved around the room as needed.

4. Rustic Finishes

Size isn’t the only family-friendly element of farmhouse furniture. Reclaimed and textured wood make forgiving pieces that disguise surface scratches and the wear and tear that comes with family life. Character leathers that develop a patina over time are perfect for adding vintage style to farmhouse living rooms. To let the beautiful furniture shine, decorative accents are used sparingly — when you do feature them, use materials like galvanized metal and washed wood to keep the farmhouse feel.


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