1. What a lovely tree. I love the way you limit the number of colors you used to decorate the tree. The visual impact is absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That is a beautiful tree. Congratulations on being featured on the Pink Little Note Book. I love looking at trees like this, but I really enjoy ours with the decorations all at the bottom because my son is not big enough to decorate the top but he is so proud of his work!

  3. This is such a beautiful tree. My tree has charm, in that is adorned with ornaments made my daughters but I would love to do something elegant like this. So pretty.

  4. That is a beautiful tree!! I love how matchy matchy it is! Stunning! Mine use to look beautiful, but now its full of kids crafts..which I love too!

  5. Beautiful tree! When my kids a little older I would love to have a tree decorated like this. For now our tree is filled with homemade ornaments mainly on the lower branches placed by the kids. : )

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