Guide to Custom Fabrics

The first step when it comes to finding the right fabric for your custom furniture piece is to consider the type of usage your new sofa or chair will receive.

If you’re shopping for an accent chair for your bedroom that will serve only a decorative function, you might choose to shift your focus from the durability of the fabric to just choosing the fabric that makes you smile when you wake up and see it. Just have fun!



Now, for a sofa that will get used by the whole family every day, a more practical choice (choice of fabric content, construction and colour) is strongly recommended.

All fabrics that are part of the custom upholstery program at Urban Barn meet or exceed furniture industry performance standards. Many fabrics are even considered to be commercial grade. We proudly offer hundreds of fabric options and feel confident that we have the right fabric for you. We have fabrics to show you that are ideal for life with pets or small children or to coordinate with any colour scheme you might have in mind.

There are many myths about natural fibres such as cotton or linen for upholstery use. In the right fabric constructions, these materials can outlast a synthetic material such as polyester. When it comes to fabric, it’s about more than just fibre content so stay open minded!

Harper Custom Sofa Chaise
Harper Custom Sofa Chaise

Knowing how to care for your fabric is essential. If possible, plan a furniture floor plan that allows your sofa or chair’s fabric to avoid the harmful rays of direct sunlight as this will quickly fade and compromise the construction of the fabric. Keeping your fabric clean will help to prolong its life. Using your vacuum’s brush attachment (never your vacuum’s beater bar) on your sofa once in a while is recommended. And don’t forget to flip and rotate your cushions once in a while to even out fabric wear and keep your cushions looking their best.

In store, a sales associate will be able to quickly determine your needs and will be happy to recommend the best fabrics to meet the lifestyle demands of you and your family.

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Urban Barn Customer’s Creative Creations

  1. I bought a pair of the Michelle drapes and love them , I would like to put something in the same pattern at the bottom of our king bed I can’t remember what they are called sorry . Do you do anything like that or should I buy just one drape and have it made somewhere? It’s not a throw it’s just for show like they have in nice hotels thanks Anne Archer x

    1. Hi Anne! We don’t have anything in our bedding selection available in the same fabric, however, if you’re interested in having this made, please feel free to contact us to find these curtains at an Urban Barn near you.

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