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Choosing the Right Area Rug

How to Buy an Area Rug

Looking for a home accent to complete a newly designed room or remake your space? The right area rug will anchor your furniture and give the room a cohesive look. Larger rooms feel more intimate with a cozy area rug, and small spaces look more curated. With so many area rugs available, you need to know the size, material and colour that works for your space.

How Big Should an Area Rug Be?

To get all the room-boosting benefits of an area rug, you need to first choose the right size. A dining room rug should be large enough to accommodate all chair legs even when they’re pushed away from the table. Dining chairs are moved in and out frequently, and it’s safest if they’re always on a flat surface. An area rug should extend at least 24 inches beyond the sides of your dining table, with more space for larger dining chairs.

In the living room, the front legs of all sofas and chairs should be placed on your area rug. If your seating area measures between rug sizes, it’s usually best to size up. When you have a smaller seating area or a very large rug, you can also arrange furniture so that all legs are on the area rug. What happens if you buy a smaller rug that doesn’t extend underneath living room seating? Instead of tying the furniture together, a too-small rug can make your living room look disjointed.

The most popular way to style a bedroom rug is horizontally, with the bed’s bottom legs placed over the rug. Shop for a rug in the 8×10 size range to get this look with a queen size bed. If you want an area rug positioned underneath the entire bed, it should be wide enough to also fit accompanying nightstands.

Natural or Synthetic?

The right materials are determined by your lifestyle and how you’ll use an area rug. Natural materials, synthetics and blends of the two all offer different advantages. If you’re looking for an area rug that will last for decades, wool is an excellent choice. Wool options like our Townsend Rug hold their shape for long periods of time and provide natural warmth. Area rugs made from synthetic materials are stain resistant, easy to clean and economical, making them great options for families with pets or kids. If you’re looking for a synthetic that replicates the look of natural wool, our McGowan Rug in Light Grey offers soft, varied tones to make your living room extra cozy.

Art for Your Floor

How do you want your room to look? Area rugs are an easy way to add pattern, texture and colour. A vibrant rug can have the same impact as a piece of art. This is your chance to introduce visual appeal without taking up precious floor space.

Two of our favourite new rugs are statement-making pieces that can completely transform your room. With large-scale florals in neutral shades, Blanchett is a lively area rug that can revitalize any space. If you prefer vintage vibes, the Faris Rug brings traditional pattern in either a vibrant multicolour palette or chic silver and grey. Cultivating a modern minimalist look or working with colourful furniture? Choose a stylish neutral piece like our Shiva Rug in jute and leather to add texture without overpowering the room.

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