how to choose wall art to fit your furniture style

how to choose wall art

You know that art is a key part of making every room feel complete. But how do you choose the right pieces to complement your space? First, look for wall art you love; choosing pieces you’re naturally drawn to puts your personal style on display in your living room, dining room and first-impression spots like the entryway. Since there’s so much art to love in the world, why not use the room’s design aesthetic to pick the perfect piece? Today we’re taking you through some of our favourite furniture styles and how to choose wall art to complete any room.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century style furniture pairs well with vintage art or ’50s-inspired pieces featuring geometric patterns and organic shapes that look like plants or molecular structures. To balance the vintage look of mid-century furniture, look for art that puts a contemporary spin on the style. BLURRED nods to mid-century style with softly curving shapes in earthy colours, but lots of white space keeps this acrylic painting from looking dated and makes it easy to pair with darker textiles and rich wood tones.


Love interiors accentuated by concrete, metal or reclaimed wood? You can play up the room’s urban inspiration with vintage maps, skyline paintings, or a city-themed piece like our Hustle Wall Art. For a less literal approach to the design style, try abstract art in dark colours and neutrals. Parallel ‘s simple forms won’t distract from rugged materials and designs, and its balance of dark and light pairs perfectly with on-trend black metal furniture. 


In cottage style homes where décor is fresh and breezy, wall art should be similarly relaxing. This means coastal landscapes, abstract pieces, and anything inspired by nature. Cottage style furniture tends to keep it soft, featuring neutrals like white, beige and light grey. On white or off-white walls, use art to bring in accent colours for added interest. One or our newest abstract pieces, Atmosphere plays with shades of deep blue to remind you of the ocean and inspire creative reflection.


Current art that uses on-trend patterns or subject matter feels at home in contemporary spaces. Because contemporary style is always evolving, and there are so many ways to interpret it, we recommend using wall art to expand on an accent colour featured elsewhere in the room. Our Empress acrylic painting is already bold and beautiful with its maximalist bouquet of roses. Hang next to romantic blush dining chairs and the room feels clearly inspired by a common trend.

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