Top Furniture Trends: Industrial Style

industrial furniture style

Do you dream about living in a converted warehouse? Closing out our series on top furniture trends is a newer style that leaves interiors with an edgy, urban look. As old factories and work-spaces have become popular living spaces, so has industrial furniture. This design style has grown into a distinct trend that reaches beyond urban lofts and rooms filled with brick and concrete to modern and contemporary homes.

What Makes Industrial Furniture?

Industrial style fuses old factory inspiration with modern lines. Look for these design elements to bring home the workhorse style.

1. Black Metal

Our current obsession with black metal definitely comes from a love of industrial furniture. Whether it’s legs on a sofa, sleek case goods or wall décor, black metal hints at the tough nature of industrial spaces. These pieces might have rough edges or look like pipes, but a more sleek take with slim metal pieces can give you a touch of industrial style fit for smaller spaces.

2. Reclaimed Wood

Repurposed materials give industrial style an authentic feel. Reclaimed wood taken from old barns, factories and warehouses gives furniture a natural, well-worn look, often including nail holes and colour variation. On top of giving your home sought-after style, furniture made from reclaimed wood supports the environmental mission to reuse and reduce.

3. Leather

As much as we love black metal and reclaimed wood, they won’t keep you cozy at the end of a long day. Although all kinds of upholstery can be featured in this design style, leather is definitely a favourite. The natural material adds softness to edgier spaces while still hinting at vintage factory life. Leather sofas and chairs with black metal legs are the ultimate choice for your industrial living room.

4. Working Shapes

Even when its made from new materials, industrial furniture often mimics what you’d see in a factory or warehouse. Think ladder-shaped shelving, metal pipes and tables with workbench style legs. Wood is often reclaimed or intentionally textured, giving it a weathered look that disguises surface scratches. These design elements give your room a salvaged look, and they also make for durable furniture that stands up to wear and tear.

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