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Inspiration for Your Sanctuary

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Your bedroom, the one place you can really relax and hide away from the world, is due for a refresh. As we start to notice those first glimpses of blue sky and maybe even the Sun (oh, it’s gone again), it’s nice to feel an inspiration for embracing what the rest of the year will hold in store.

This Spring, we’re letting the spirit of adventure lead our design choices with the new Maris duvet set, District bed, and Abyss propellers wall decorations.

bedroom, urban barn, wall decor, bed, canada, rug, chair,

If you’re looking for something a little more coral and prefer light pinks to nautical blues, then the Blanka Duvet Set will pair beautifully with a marble-inspired Carrara Duvet set. After all, it’s your bed, so why shouldn’t you have two duvets on top of a Parker bed?


An accent and a little illumination can change everything. Whether you’re bringing a touch of the outside-in with a Lanterna bronze table lamp, or a delicately carved ceramic with raised acrylic design of the Analyn lamp, you’re feel like it’s been made just for you.

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten the storage. After all, what’s the use in a beautiful bedroom if your clothes are piling up on the floor? This season, we’re really excited about the new Marina Dresser (and bed, 5 drawer chest, and nightstand) a coastal inspired palette of wood finishes.

marina dresser, marina bed

Right now, until February 27th 2017, we’ve got 15% off Bedroom Furniture (including beds, dressers, and nightstands). Don’t miss out, visit your local Urban Barn store or check it out online today.

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