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Introducing Andrea Soos: Modern Art, West Coast Inspiration

Andrea Soos Art Collection

It’s finally here! We’re so excited to announce the launch of our exclusive collaboration with Canadian artist Andrea Soos. Featuring six pieces of framed artwork in fresh modern palettes, this limited-edition collection is inspired by the beautiful West Coast landscape. We’ve fallen in love with Andrea’s signature abstract style. It’s playful, colourful and always engaging. Get to know Andrea with our exclusive Q&A below, then shop the collection online or in select Urban Barn locations!

What drew you to this collaboration?

Urban Barn first contacted me with the idea of using some of my art in their refresh and rebrand. Being that I’m a Canadian artist working in my little studio in Victoria, I was excited to be working with a Canadian company.

Did you have a specific vision for the collection?

My art is very process driven. It’s intuitive – there’s not a start and finish or a step-by-step approach. It’s very much about playing with the material and experiencing it in the moment.
There are darker pieces, lighter pieces and lots of colour. Each one has unique moments and spots of special interest.

How do you envision your art in people’s homes?

I love it when my art resonates with somebody enough that they want to put it in their home. But it’s more about the feeling they might get seeing the joy I put into the piece when I’m making it.

Invigorate your space

In a lively combination of earthy shades, In the Darkness I Remember and Something I Can Hold Onto feel balanced and energetic all at once. These unique palettes are a natural fit in mid-century interiors, especially next to walnut wood and warm gold accents.

Soft and dreamy

Perfect for a calming space like your bedroom, this imaginative duo combines earth tones and soft shades of pink. In natural-coloured frames that pair well with neutral furniture, Brought Me To My Knees and Might Be Everything And More work alone in small spaces or next to each other on a statement wall.

Coastal beauty

Organic inspiration flows across the frame in trending coastal blues punctuated by hints of warmth. Feelings I Haven’t Felt Before and A Hard Way to Go offer a modern take on oceanic blues. Framed in versatile black, we love how these pieces pop against warm wood furniture.

Shop our exclusive Andrea Soos art online or in select stores. Don’t wait – this special collection is only available in limited quantities.

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