The Latest Design Trends of 2020 – Spring Design Session Recap

The best part of spring is the allowance it gives us to refresh our spaces and prepare for the warmer weather. It’s officially time to say goodbye to the thick knits and trade them in for soft linens and pops of colour. At last week’s Spring Design Session, stores across Canada broke down the latest design trends we’re seeing in the new year, and how to make them work in your home! In case you missed the session, we’re recapping some of our favourite tips here today.

1. Green Accents & Earth Tones

Green has always been a go-to colour for spring, and earth tones will be popular throughout the year.

  • Darker shades with brown undertones like fern, moss, olive and sage help the green trend work across the seasons.
  • Work in warm browns like chocolate, mocha and terracotta accents.
  • Add texture with real plants and faux foliage
  • Green shades work especially well in the bedroom. Create a lush, relaxing space with green accent pillows, paint, wall décor or bedding.

    2. Biophilia Design

    Organic trends have grown into full-blown biophilia. That means more direct references to nature and natural materials in your home.

  • Add plants! Get the look faster and easier with faux foliage in everything from simple stems to potted plants and trees.
  • Nature-inspired motifs featuring plants and animals.
  • Reclaimed wood embraces imperfections and natural weathering. Bonus: recycled products are also more sustainable.
  • Woven textures in surprising new places like pendant lights, vases and wall art.
  • Stone and stone-look materials.

    3. Geometrics

    Modern geometrics are the perfect way to inject bold pattern into a room.

  • Look for new takes on classic geometrics, like mixed shapes overlaid on art or accent pillows, metallic chevron prints, and geometrics in pastel shades.
  • Strike a balance by adding breathing room between bold geometrics.
  • If you’re feeling creative, try taking this trend to your walls with geometric paint.

    4. Mixed Metals

    Instead of one stand-out metal, this year we’re embracing mixed metals and metallic finishes on furniture, accents and hardware. Tips to make this trend work for you:

  • Establish a dominant metal in the room and incorporate other shades as accents.
  • Keep finishes (polished, matte, distressed) consistent across different pieces.
  • Add one statement piece in your accent metal.
  • Find at least one item that includes both metals.
  • Feature a maximum of three metals in one room.

    5. Eclectic Glamour

    This year’s trending contemporary style mixes classic feminine details with bold glamour.

  • Subtle shades of pink like blush, rose gold and pink-tinted greys.
  • Incorporate velvet furniture and accents for luxury and comfort (look for polyester velvet in homes with pets or kids)
  • Contrast traditionally feminine touches like pink, gold and florals with black or charcoal grey.
  • The perfect place to incorporate mixed metals. Choose two of your favourite tones (gold, brass, copper, silver) to punch up rooms with light pinks and blacks.

    Find everything you need to revamp your space for spring by shopping online or at your nearest Urban Barn store!

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