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Light and Airy Bedroom — January’s #MyUrbanBarn Winner

Each month, we go through Instagram looking through all of your beautiful photos with the #MyUrbanBarn tag, looking for someone to feature on our blog (and to send a $150 UB gift card). This month’s winner is Jenna, aka Our.Darling.Life on Instagram.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your space.

I’m a mom of three and a nursing student. When I have the spare time I love a good DIY project or upgrading a space by building a new built-in, shelf, or feature wall.

How would you describe your decorating style?

I love home decor and styling all around which I would describe at modern farmhouse. We live in a cute townhouse in the county of Grand Prairie, which I have turned into a cozy space for me and my family.

Tell us about your favorite Urban Barn piece and why you love it.

I actually have two favourite pieces! My favourite Urban Barn pieces are the Tribeca Sofa and the Carey Bed. Both of these pieces are what have made me a forever Urban Barn customer. They have held up over time and the quality of each was beyond the expectations. Our sofa gets the most love in our home! It’s the spot where the kids gather after school to tell me about their day. It also is a place where we relax and play games with friends and family. The newest addition to our home is featured in the winning photo, our Carey Bed in Egyptian Dove. For the past couple of years my husband and I have been waiting for the chance to buy a new bed. We decided to start with the rest of our home first and then leave our bedroom as the last room to style. So as you can imagine, when my order came in I was so excited after all the anticipation.

Which pieces were featured in your winning image?


Which Urban Barn location is your favourite to shop at and why?

Grand Prairie location in Westgate is my favourite obviously because it’s only a short car ride away. As mentioned, the quality is amazing at Urban Barn but it really is the customer service that keeps me returning. I can not say enough about the service. I also can’t forget to mention those amazing sales that I look forward to during season changes!

#MyUrbanBarn Contest: Post a picture of your favourite Urban Barn products in your home to INSTAGRAM using the hashtag #MyUrbanBarn for your chance to win a $150 Urban Barn gift card! A new winner is chosen each month!

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