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Summer Makeover! Living Room Redesign with Jen O’Donnell

living room redesign

Does your list of upcoming projects involve redesigning a room in your home? Summer is the perfect time to make it happen! Longer days equal more natural night for repainting, and the weather should cooperate if you’re moving furniture in and out of the house. We recently teamed up with Jen O’Donnell to furnish a South Surrey, BC, prize home in the Hometown Heroes Lottery. Most of us probably won’t win a brand-new house anytime soon, but why not let Jen’s incredible work in the dream home inspire your own living room redesign?

Size it Up

It’s tempting to pack your room with as much furniture as possible, or to buy every piece you fall in love with. But it’s important to pick furniture that fits the scale of your room. This doesn’t just mean measuring to see if it will literally fit through the door! You want enough space between key pieces of furniture so that people can move comfortably, but not so much that it’s hard to have a conversation.

Select Your Seating

Our Berg Sofa was a natural choice for this room. It’s big enough to let you get really comfortable, but not too large for the space. Berg was made for lounging and sits low to the ground, making it a good pick to place in front of windows without obstructing too much light. Instead of another sofa, Jen chose two Simcoe Armchairs to finish out the living room seating. We love pairing two accent chairs with a sofa, especially in smaller spaces. Our Simcoe Armchairs add two more cozy seats but leave lots of space for people to move around the room.

Coffee Table Tips

Set between the seats is the Augustine Coffee Table. As a general rule, a coffee table should be about two-thirds the length of the sofa it’s paired with. This means the table is easy to reach from any seat, but not so huge it blocks your path to and from the sofa. Not only is this coffee table the right size compared to the sofa, but Augustine’s warm oak wood fits nicely with the show-wood frames on the armchairs.

The Right Area Rug

Once you’ve found new seating and tables for your redesigned living room, add an area rug to anchor the furniture. The most common rug-buying mistake is choosing one that’s too small. An area rug should be large enough to fit at least the front legs of all seating furniture, so when in doubt, buy the bigger size! Jen used our Lance Rug to tie together this soft living room style. It’s a neutral piece that works in just about any space, and the basket-weave pattern adds organic texture. This wool-blend rug is cozy underfoot, making it the perfect match for the lounge-friendly sofa and chairs.

Layering Textiles

After the big pieces are taken care of, it’s time to fill in your redesigned room with accessories like throws and accent pillows. These soft touches really bring a room together and give you the chance to play with colour and pattern. On the sofa, our Montoya Toss in two different sizes is layered over the Corde Toss.  These pillows all fit with the neutral palette, including dark greys that tie in with the walls and hints of navy blue for a subtle accent. An Inala Toss on each armchair brings in more texture, and the lumbar shaped pillows don’t overwhelm these low-slung lounge chairs.

If you’re redesigning a small living room where seating space is slim, use floor cushions and poofs for extra seating that’s easy to set aside when you don’t need it. Two Delgado Floor Cushions made from woven jute add more natural texture to the room and play up the casual, organic feel.

Final Touches

Home decor like vases, candles and wall art give you another opportunity to express your personal style. When you redesign your living room, you’ll want to make sure decorative accents work with your new furniture. Jen kept it simple, choosing clean shapes and understated pieces that work with the furniture. Our Neval Candle Holders bring gorgeous glass to the table, and Daleyza Vases over the mantle fit the neutral scheme and pop against the dark grey wall.

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