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Looking Forward to 2017 (and a few ’16 favourites)

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Wow, what a year 2016 was. A completely mixed bag of highs and lows, but there’s nothing more exciting than looking forward with an open mind and a hopeful outlook.

The longest day of the year has passed and the evenings are getting brighter as we edge toward Spring. Out go the evergreen and deep reds of Winter decor, as we introduce flowers, new colours and open up the curtains to let in some sun.

Our new Spring catalogue is coming soon and you’ll see your local Urban Barn store get its seasonal refresh with four new colour themes, including one called ‘Blooms & Bonbons’, all based on spring time and escapism.

In the meantime, we’ve got some beautiful featured products from the 2016 collection to get you excited for bringing new energy and style to your home – including the Cosgrove Sofa Chaise.With its slim profile, crisp lines and tall cone legs the Cosgrove captures all the best of mid-century modern style.

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We’re also particularly fond of the Diego leather sofa, which like your favourite leather jacket, will never go out of style.deigo leather sofa, best leather sofa, furniture, store, canada, vancouver, toronto, poco, park royal, north shore

Everyone knows you can add dimension and the feeling of space to a room with mirrors, but what about mirrored furniture? The Reflection Accent Table is great for combining utility with light-bouncing beauty.

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Getting excited yet? And these aren’t even our new Spring pieces, in fact these Fall/Winter items will likely be sold out by the end of January, so don’t wait!

We can’t wait for the new season. Stay tuned to the UB Blog for a special interview with our Creative Director, Sebastien Fauteux, to hear what lead the inspiration for the new Spring collection.

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