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Illusion of Space: How to Make Any Space Appear Larger

Crave a larger space but just need to make your current space work for now (or always)?
Here are a few tricks to make any space appear larger than it is:


1.     Reflect on your space
Place a large mirror or reflective piece of furniture in a room strategically in order to trick the eye into believing the room is larger than it is. By reflecting either artificial or natural light, the space will appear both larger and brighter. Important note: Always be conscious of exactly what image the mirror will reflect.

Vault Custom Storage OttomanFeatured: Nurez Round Wall Mirror

2.     Give your sofa a lift
By choosing a sofa (or any piece of furniture) with higher legs, light has more space to circulate. Light is your friend when trying to visually increase the size of any room. Bonus: the dust bunnies will have nowhere to hide!

Urban Barn Molina Furniture Faster Sofa - Goldmine Smoke Featured: Molina Sofa – Goldmine Smoke

3.     Lighten up your life

Choose light, cool colours for major furniture and décor purchases like sofas and rugs. I’m always a strong supporter of colour but if your goal is to make a room feel larger, consider leaving colour for the smaller accents. Dark materials absorb light, whereas light materials reflect it.

Cosgrove Chaise SofaFeatured: Cosgrove Sofa Chaise – Light Grey


4.     Make multi-purpose choices

This trick is simple. The less furniture in a room, the more spacious it will feel. Hunt for pieces with hidden storage or pieces that can serve more than one function. Example: storage beds, ottomans with built in storage or a console table that will also serve as a desk in a pinch.

Urban Barn Parker Bed Featured: Parker Bed

Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below. How do you make your small space feel larger?

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