room for more: 5 ways to maximize dining room seating

maximize dining room seating

If your dining room is on the small side or you always seem to end up hosting, one of your biggest home décor dilemmas might be how to comfortably seat the most people in a space that still looks stylish. You don’t have to make big changes like knocking down walls or looking for a new place to live, because your dining furniture and how it’s arranged can make a big difference in your next get together. Holiday hosting is coming up quickly, but these 5 tips to maximize your dining room seating are worth remembering for every season.

1. Move Things Around

When you’re trying to fit more people than usual, your dining room might not be the best option. If your official dining room is in a smaller alcove or pass-through area, don’t be afraid to rearrange furniture to make hosting easier. Converting your living room into a temporary dining area can give you more room to maneuver around a full table, and depending on your layout, can help keep guests away from the kitchen. To complete the furniture switch, move living furniture into the dining area to create a pre-dinner cocktail lounge.

2. Bench Seating

When it’s time to fit as many guests around your table as possible, nothing beats a dining bench. These versatile seats fit more guests than individual dining chairs and are especially good for seating children or friends and family who don’t mind sitting close together.

3.Know Your Shapes

Round or rectangular? The choice isn’t just about your preference for one shape or the other, and both styles have pros and cons when it comes to maximizing your dining seating. A round table usually makes it easier to squeeze in an extra space — if you’ve ever tried to set a place at the corner of a table, you know rectangular and square tables aren’t quite as forgiving. When you need to seat groups of 8 or more, a rectangular table is the most space-efficient choice. Paired with bench seating, your rectangular table might be able to accommodate one or two extras.

4.Versatile Chairs

Extendable dining tables are great for hosting, but what about when you don’t need the extra places? Look for chairs that work with the design in the rest of your home, so you can move the extra seats in your living room, bedroom or office when the dining room isn’t in use. For on-trend favourites that work all around the house, try the Lambert Dining Chair’s channel back design and padded silhouette, or Fabian’s mid-century shape in your choice of textured fabrics. When your dining room is too small to accommodate a full set of upholstered chairs, feature two of these larger seats as host chairs you can mix and match with smaller dining chairs or benches.

5. High Tables

About 6 inches higher than a standard table, counter height tables can make small dining rooms look more open. These pieces also come with a more casual look that’s perfect for dining in apartments and urban spaces. Our Stapleton Counter Table fits perfectly in industrial rooms. Push this factory-inspired piece against a wall to use as a bar or prep area, then pull it out when you need to comfortably seat up to 6 people.

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