Top Furniture Trends: Mid-Century Modern Style

Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Looking for new furniture can leave you with more questions than answers. If you’re trying to wrap your head around different designs, we’re here to help! This month, we’re highlighting some of our favourite furniture styles to help you find the perfect pieces for your home. First up is timeless and trendy mid-century modern furniture.

Mid-century furniture was at the height of its popularity in the 1950s: homes were getting smaller and furniture became mass-produced. Unlike traditional furniture, mid-century designs were simple, streamlined and inspired by nature and geometry. Mid-century design is often called “timeless”. It’s been trendy for the past several years, but the style never really went away. Mid-century furniture may not be new, but it still feels relevant in today’s world.

4 What Makes Mid-Century Modern Furniture?

Mid-century doesn’t always equal vintage. You can fill up a room with older pieces sourced from antique dealers, but furniture designers (like us!) are also producing new pieces in the style. Look out for these design elements to spot a piece of mid-century modern furniture.

1. Tapered Wood Legs

On any piece of furniture, tapered wood legs are one of the easiest ways to identify mid-century style. This design detail shows off natural wood in a clean, simple form. These legs don’t just look pretty. Lifting furniture on legs allows more light to pass through the room, making smaller ones feel more spacious.

2. Slim Proportions

Mid-century modern furniture generally exists on a smaller scale. Tapered wood legs give mid-century furniture a slender profile,and this furniture tends to be slim all over. Think sofas with narrow track arms, armchairs that play with negative space and tables that won’t take over the room.

3. Organic Shapes

Being inspired by nature doesn’t just mean using natural materials. Curved and organic shapes appear frequently, and mid-century chairs often match the curve of the human body. Patterned decor mimics the curves and geometry found in nature, like florals and rounded, abstract shapes.

4. Mixed Materials

Mid-century modern style draws inspiration from nature, but it also explores synthetic materials. Designers used innovative new techniques to mold plastic and bend plywood. The technology isn’t new anymore, but mid-century furniture still embraces mixed materials. Wood, metal, glass, fabric and leather all play together in mid-century design. It’s a mix-and-match dream!

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