How To Choose A Pet-Friendly Fabric

They may pee on our beds and chew up our shoes, but after all the cursing has passed, we still love our pets, no matter how many headaches they cause. When a client is looking for a new sofa, one Read More


Men Follow The Trends Too!

As the rest of Canada prepares for a weekend of “Mom”, we’re preparing for a season of MAN! (Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE our Moms!) One may think of masculine design as shades of grey, dark wood tones and Read More

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Home How-To: Moroccan Inspired Patio Party

Summer is finally upon us! With all the fun in the sun comes our Canadian love of patio parties. With some funky furniture and accessories, plus some fantastic recipes, you too can have a Moroccan-inspired patio party that will be Read More