Relaxing Into Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a special day of the year, when we give thanks to the Dad in our life who often goes without a mention. He works tirelessly to provide for us, doing his share of the dirty work while often missing out on the praise, and he’s happy to do it.

This is my second Father’s Day as a new Dad, and I try every day to continue with what my Dad has taught me. Work hard, be generous with your time, and indulge in silliness as often as possible. I find myself making those funny voices, making up ridiculous stories and making ‘dad-jokes’, and remembering how my own Dad used to do those to my chagrin during my youth.

Expressing our love can be a little tricky, especially for young men to their fathers. They know it already of course, but it’s always nice to be reminded that their hard work is appreciated.

As with our Mother’s Day guide, the card is the most important piece. Say the things that may be hard to say out loud. It’s fine to be silly, emotional, and honest. If you’re going to say ‘I love you, Dad’ just once a year, make it now.

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