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Shop Pet Friendly Sofas and Fabrics

pet friendly sofas and fabrics

Pets love furniture. Sometimes a little too much. If you share your home with pets, buying a sofa comes with extra considerations. Will your feline friends treat the new sectional like a climbing gym? What about the time of year when the entire house is covered in your dog’s shedding undercoat? No piece of furniture is completely immune to life with pets (or wear and tear in general), but there are pet friendly sofas and fabrics that are better suited to life with animals.

Colour Choice

To make pet hair less obvious between cleanings, choose a sofa in a shade similar to your pet’s fur. If you have more than one pet, grey is a safe choice that hides a variety of hair. No matter which colour you choose, multi-tonal fabrics made up of several shades will make your pet’s hair (and any dirt they track in) less obvious.

Look to Leather

Leather upholstery looks and feels luxurious, but is also makes for surprisingly pet friendly sofas. As a smooth material without a weave, leather doesn’t catch pet’s nails as easily as fabric. Leather furniture is also less likely to attract hair. Instead of dragging out the vacuum or plowing through lint rollers, a cloth is all you need to remove hair from leather.

Some leathers are more durable than others. We recommend character leathers with a wax and oil finish, as these protectants make scratches and scuffs easier to disguise or buff out with a soft cloth. Our Savoy Collection of pet-friendly leather furniture features an oiled finish and a rustic look that only gets better with age.

Tight Weaves

Shopping pet friendly sofas in fabric? Weave is key. Fabrics made from tightly woven fibers or a cut pile (like velvet) are better choices than loosely woven fabrics like tweed. Claws are less likely to catch when jumping on or off furniture, and cats are less likely to use tightly woven fabric as a scratching post. Cut pile and tight weaves are also easier to clean, since they don’t allow hair to get as tangled.

The Lure Sofa Chaise in Element Milestone or Element Silverdollar is perfect for apartment-dwellers with pets. The fabric has a smooth, tight weave that doesn’t attract fur and isn’t likely to snag.


We know animal lovers like to keep things natural. But aside from leather, synthetic materials make the most pet friendly sofas. Natural fibers like wool, linen and silk are more delicate and difficult to clean. After market protection sprays might seem like a good idea. But they can negatively react with fabric, and void most fabric warranties.

Synthetics like microfiber and polyester velvet mimic the look and feel of traditional fabrics, but are much easier to clean (and keep clean) than natural fibers. Looking for a synthetic fabric that feels luxurious? Our Reynolds Sofa Chaise in Gala Steel and Gala Moon have a cut pile that won’t catch claws and a tailored mid-century look that you and your pets will love snuggling up on.

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