5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Small Outdoor Space

small outdoor space

The Victoria Day weekend is almost here and we’re finally seeing summer-like conditions in cities across the country. For people with big yards this weekend probably involves mowing, weeding and mulching. But if your outdoor space is an apartment balcony, condo patio or compact yard, you might be on the hunt for efficient outdoor decor. For home exteriors short on square footage, follow these tips to make the most of your small outdoor space.

1. Versatile Seating

The pieces that make your outdoor space the most livable also tend to take up the most room. That’s why versatile seating is key in a small outdoor space. Instead of larger patio tables and chairs, look for conversation sets and smaller tables that can be placed off to the side. This leaves room for movement and gives your space a less formal feel. Benches are another good option for seating two people and taking up less space than two chairs. In really tight quarters, indoor/outdoor stools work as simple seating or an extra side table.

2. Plants

Plants have the potential to turn any space from concrete slab to lush bohemian jungle. When you don’t have extra room, look for hanging plants or tall grasses that grow vertically. If keeping plants alive sounds like too much work this summer, faux potted plants are easy to stick in a shady corner and double as indoor décor when the weather turns cool again.

3. Accent Pillows

When you don’t have room for a large patio set or outdoor sofa, accent pillows add instant comfort and colour. For patios that are exposed to the elements, go for outdoor cushions that can stand up to water and UV exposure.

4. Outdoor Rugs

For colour and pattern that won’t get in the way, add an outdoor rug. These accent pieces make it more pleasant to go barefoot on concrete patios. In a rental property with an older deck or patio, this is an especially good way to make your outdoor space look and feel more inviting. Just like the ones inside your home, an outdoor rug defines the seating area. For everything from micro-balconies to spacious decks, our outdoor rugs are available in sizes from 5×7 to 9×12!

5. Colour Palettes

Working with a monochromatic palette or a few similar colours makes small spaces look cohesive. And the colours you choose to decorate with can even impact how big your space looks. Decorating with lighter or cooler colours (like blue, green and purple) can make a space look larger, both in and outside. But don’t play it too safe. Decorating with bright colours is one of the best parts of styling a balcony or patio!

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