Spring Forward with Toss Cushions

With spring just around the corner you may feel that your space needs a little pick-me-up.  One of the most economical ways to transform your living space is with an infusion of colour, which can be accomplished with toss cushions.  Sometimes the holdback is how and where to start.  Below are 5 rules to help you take the first steps that can bring the change you’re looking for!

SELECT A PATTERN:  This will be your inspiration fabric that ties the room together and where you pull the other colours from.  Pick a pattern with lots of colours, and try not to repeat this pattern in order to give more depth to your décor.

DO pick a print with lots of colour

BUILD THE COLOUR PALLETTE:  Select cushions that pull colours from your inspiration fabric; solids, textured, geometric, stripes or a pattern that mixes two or more of the colours.  Look for fabrics that have varied sizes of patterns, for example, a small polka dot with a large stripe.


Avoid matching your cushions to your main furniture piece.  If your cushions match your sofa, take them off immediately and move them somewhere else!  Toss cushions that match perfectly will totally get lost.  These can be used elsewhere to help tie the room together.  To get more bang for your buck go with a contrasting pillow.

Contrasting toss cushions makes things interesting


SIZE: Vary the size of your toss cushion for optimal affect.  A layered look will showcase both style and pattern.  Try layering a large cushion with a small cushion, or a square with a bolster cushion.  Choose sizes that best suit your style.


QUANTITY: Use an odd number of pillows, when decorating, odd numbers tend to be more artful. Try one, three, or five, depending on the size of your furniture and the look you want.

For an easy combo with a designer look try this:

  • one inspirational pillow for the centre of the couch or chair
  • 1 pair of matched large square toss cushions that contrast your sofa (these can be a solid, geometric, or floral)
  • 1 pair of smaller square or rectangular cushions (these can be patterned, texture, or have an odd shape)

TAKE A STEP BACK:  Look at the room as a whole, and think of your toss cushions as a family.  There may be 1 set of twins, the others don’t exactly match, but somehow they all go together.  As long as your patterns and colours relate the space will feel put together.


We’ve got tons of new toss cushions in store now with great colours and patterns to help you achieve this look!

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