Stacey's Holiday Gift Ideas

One would think that being a retail buyer, I’d be very organized and prepared for the holiday season. This is  false!   When it comes to personal shopping for myself or my family, procrastination is my hallmark.  There’s always tomorrow, right?  Unlucky me.… there’s less than a month left to finish shopping, wrapping, entertaining, baking…the “to do” list seems endless.

I have no problem picking gifts for children – the options are unlimited; it’s the adults that seem to be tricky.  I want to buy the perfect gift for everyone:  it has to be personal, attractive, functional…oh, and unique.  Is that asking too much?   Well, it is asking too much for me!  If you’ve ever stood in one of the many big box stores with hundreds of other desperate shoppers looking at the same items, you understand me perfectly.  The holidays can be made easier if you find yourself in the vicinity of an Urban Barn!  Yes, I’m biased.

Here are some of my favourite gift ideas.

1. Aluminum Retro Microphone ($60) Who doesn’t want to be a rock star?

2. Quentin Sherpa Throw ($49) Everyone wants to be cozy – no matter how buff you are!

3. Drinking Buddy Wine Charms and Stopper Set  ($8) Oprah loves this one too – it’s presently featured on “O’s Favorite Things”

4. Esquire “Eat like a Man” ($34) A deliciously written, mature cookbook – not recommended for the avid “Hungry Man” lover.

5. Skull Sculpture $36 For the friend who always wanted to get a tattoo but isn’t ready to commit… Also available in this collection: Voodoo Candle Holder ($15) & Skull Salt & Pepper Shakers ($19)

1. Emily Throw ($39) Pretty, frilly, super-soft…like a favourite sweater!  Available in four colours.

2. Bijou Jewelry Tree ($20) No more tangles!  UB has an endless selection of jewelry storage solutions.

3. Pretty Cupcake Kit ($23.95) and  Mini Cupcake Cookbook $18.99 Perfect for the Martha Stewart wannabe!

4. Mongolian Toss Cushion ($69) The ultimate in luxury, it’s like an adult “stuffy”.  Available in five colours.

5. Far Flyer Cushion ($30) Beautiful vintage-inspired cushions will brighten up any room all year long.

Here’s a great idea for a family gift everyone in the house will use…


Circ Collection

Now you can feel good about junk food!  One for Sweets ($9), Popcorn ($28), Nuts $9 or Chips ($28).

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