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Made in the Shade: How to Style & Hang Drapes

how to hang drapes

Drapery is an essential home accent, but we still get lots of questions about how to do these textiles justice. Whether you’re trying to darken the room, add a little privacy or just bring some texture and colour to your space, the right drapes can make a big impact in your room. Today we’re taking you through how to style and hang drapes for privacy, shade and of course – style.

What kind of drapes do you need?

Before picking drapes based on colour or fabric, think about where you’ll hang them and what purpose they’ll serve. In the bedroom, look for double-backed, room-darkening drapes like our Thayer Panels. Want to keep cool without completely blocking the sun? Try light-filtering drapes like our Esen Panels. And when all you need is a little privacy, opt for sheer panels to obscure sightlines without blocking out the sun.

Colour Tricks

Drapes take up a lot of surface area, and they’re one of the first things you see when you walk in a room. By choosing colours strategically, you can use drapes to manipulate your space. Use patterns or darker colours in bigger rooms to help create a sense of warmth and coziness. Since lighter colours have the opposite effect, style them in smaller rooms to create the illusion of more space. If you’re a neutral lover who keeps it simple, choose drapery a shade or two darker than your walls for a cohesive, monochrome style.

Hanging 101

Our number one rule for drapes? Hang them high! Elevated drapes make your windows, and the entire room, look bigger. That means installing curtain rods 4-6 inches higher than the top of your window. It may seem like a pain if you have to reinstall a rod or two, but we promise it’s worth the end result of beautifully styled windows. Your drapes should be nearly touching the floor, about 1/2 inch above is perfect for easy opening and closing. Some people add 2-3 inches of length for a more glamorous, puddled look, but keep in mind this will affect how often you have to clean them.

Another trick you can pull off with drapery: hanging them wider than your window. Extending the rod 6 inches past either side of the window makes it look more expansive, and gives you more space to pull drapes back and let the light in. While executing this trick, remember to keep panels flush with the window trim to keep up the illusion they’re covering a wider window. We always recommend doubling up on drapery panels to get a tailored, high style look whether your drapes are open or closed.

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