pet friendly sofas and fabrics

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Shop Pet Friendly Sofas and Fabrics

Pets love furniture. Sometimes a little too much. If you share your home with pets, buying a sofa comes with extra considerations. Will your feline friends treat the new sectional like a climbing gym? What about the time of year Read More

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What is ‘Custom’?

We understand that buying any new piece of furniture is a big decision. Now, when we throw the term “custom upholstery” at you. We understand that the decision may seem like it turned into something more complicated, but at Urban Read More


Guide to Custom Fabrics

The first step when it comes to finding the right fabric for your custom furniture piece is to consider the type of usage your new sofa or chair will receive. If you’re shopping for an accent chair for your bedroom Read More

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Custom Sectionals for Any Space

First becoming popular in the 1950s, sectional (or modular) sofas have increasingly gained in popularity offering a seating solution that’s as functional as it is simple. To be human is to ask ourselves the question “how can I make it Read More