Behind The Scenes

The Dogs of Urban Barn

Bella, Turbo, Molly, Kona and Bowser. These are just a few of the friendly faces you’ll see strolling around the Urban Barn head office. They are not furniture and accessory buyers nor are they planners or project managers. They are part of the canine operations team. They are the wonderful dogs of many of our head office team members.

Benson the Yellow Lab in his professional work attire. His mom is Janet, who is the Website Coordinator.

Urban Barn has had a dog-friendly policy at head office as well as in store since our humble beginnings. Our furry friends help us de-stress and create a warm and inviting work place. A house is not a home without a dog, and we feel there’s no better way to select the furniture and accessories for your home than by shopping with your best friend!

Bowser the Boston Terrier celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at the front reception seating. His mom is Alyssa, who is a Marketing Specialist.

Whether they’re following close behind on your way into a meeting, or cuddling quietly on your lap while you’re checking emails there are many benefits of bringing your pet to work.

Kona the Golden Doodle keeping his dad, Daryl the Accountant company by his desk.

It is proven to de-stress, provide much needed mental breaks and keep spirits high. The next time you’re planning a trip to your nearest Urban Barn, don’t forget to bring your pup!

Turbo the Formosan Mountain Dog sitting in on an important meeting. His mom is also Alyssa!

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