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Tips for freshening up your home on a budget

With the holidays over, it’s time to pack up the holiday décor.  Every year at this time my home feels a little empty, so to overcome the post-holiday blues, I like to take advantage of all the sales happening out there to give my home a pre-spring refresh. Here are some of my tips for freshening up your home for 2012!

Lighting – Lighting is key in any space because it adds ambience and warmth, especially during the dark winter months. A lamp with a metal base will reflect the light.

Foliage – I love playing around with botanicals because they add drama, and you can always mix them up when you get inspired or tired of your past creations. Fresh floral arrangements are fabulous but who has the time and money to have a fresh arrangement every week?  In the past I have always shaken my head in shame at those who have fake flower arrangements, but times have changed, and there is a huge selection of  realistic and eye-catching faux foliage available. I now have several in my own home (I am always the first to admit when I am wrong). These floral pieces are great for adding colour and creative flair to any space.

Layering – Just as in fashion, a great room should always have texture and colour. Colour was huge in 2011 and is definitely a continued trend for 2012. A great and inexpensive way to refresh your home is by adding punchy toss cushions and a throw. Don’t be afraid to experiment and add a variety of colours and textures  – this will create depth in your space.

Whimsical – whimsy, whimsy, whimsy… whimsical decorative items add a sense of humour and are great conversation pieces, which is a must have in all spaces. Your home should always reflect your personality.

Art – Art is a great way to add some colour and pizazz to brighten your space.

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What are your hints for revitalizing your home after the holidays?

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