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Transform Your Room With Accents

Transform Your Room with Accents New Home Decor

Giving your home a complete makeover takes time, energy and money. But you don’t have to change everything to make a room look new. Adding or swapping out a few key pieces can give your space a fresh feel in less time and without spending a fortune. Keep reading to find out how new home décor can transform any room in your home.

Rugs + Runners

Starting from the bottom! Area rugs and runners work in pretty much any room, providing warmth, pattern and a visual anchor for furniture. If your living, dining or bedroom furniture is sitting on bare floors, this single accent will make the biggest impact on the space. Made with warm, woven wool in a soft cream colour, our Townsend Rug works with almost any furniture style. Wall-to-wall carpeting doesn’t mean you can’t make use of area rugs. If you’re layering over carpet, choose an area rug with contrasting texture and colour that stands out against the rest of the flooring. For more help picking the perfect piece, read our blog on choosing the right area rug.

Brighten Up

The right lighting makes everything else in your room look better. But floor, table and pendant lamps offer the chance to accessorize. In a room with simple overhead lighting, consider adding a floor or table lamp to provide more variety in how you illuminate the space. Covered in twisted jute rope, our Luisa Table Lamp adds natural texture to your nightstand or side table. If you’re renting, a floor lamp might be the only source of light in your bedroom. Instead of dragging the same old lamp from place to place, upgrade to a statement piece like Loki or Kenton.

Window Dressing

Drapery panels are another functional accent with space-changing potential. Hanging drapes higher than the window makes ceilings look higher and the room appear larger. Just like area rugs, new drapes let you introduce new texture and colour to the room. Choose our Clooney Panels for a subtle sheen or sheer Lusian drapes to frame your windows without blocking the sun. For help installing your new panels, check out our blog post on how to hang drapes.

Accessorize Your Walls

Feels like your room is missing something? Look to the walls. Wall décor is a simple way to make a room feel complete, tie colours together, and show off your personal style. Framed photos, paintings, clocks and mirrors all add interest to the room. In small space living, decorating vertically is one of the easiest ways to inject personal style without taking up precious floorspace. Worried about wall damage? Leaning a large piece of art (or layering several small pieces) on a sideboard or dresser lets you upgrade your space without poking holes.

Topped with Textiles

Adding accent pillows and throws is one of the easiest ways to renew a room – no heavy lifting, measuring or tools required! Layer accent pillows on your sofa or bed for new texture and colour in the space. Start by choosing a palette of three or four colours, then mix and match solid and patterned pieces to give your room a designer look.

Brand New Bed

Bed linens looking tired? Take the opportunity to reinvent your room with a fresh colour or pattern. A trendy geometric print like our Kieran Duvet Set lightens up darker bedroom furniture just in time for spring. Top with new toss cushions and your bedroom looks refreshed without any major changes!

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