UB Spotlight – Tapas Sets


This weekend my husband and I had friends over to entertain.  Dinner, drinks, and a marathon of Duck Dynasty – I LOVE SI!!  Our friends had the babysitter all lined up and we were ready for some fun without the kids.

My husband is the grill master, and I take care of the veggies and dessert.  I recently purchased one of our Tapa Tapas sets and decided this was the right time to put it to the test.  I have never used one of these before, but after talking to the “foodies” at work, the ideas were flowing freely – dessert was definitely the way to go.

Who doesn’t love walking by the pastry counter and admiring the beautiful treats – now was a good reason to try them and they were the perfect size for the spoons in the Slate Tapas Set.  Serving mousse in a cereal bowl just doesn’t present nicely so I decided that this would go in the glass cups.  IT WAS SOOO EASY, and the presentation was great!


What you will need:

1. Mousse:  I used Dr. Oetker’s Mousse Supreme – for this recipe (which is on the box) you’ll need:

  • 1 cup of milk
  • Electric mixer
  • Fruit for garnish
  • Time: 15 minutes in the freezer

2. Custard fruit tarts, or any small treat from the pastry section in your grocery store

These tapas sets make a perfect gift for the holidays, as a host or hostess gift, or as a new addition to your entertaining spread.

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