What is ‘Custom’?

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We understand that buying any new piece of furniture is a big decision. Now, when we throw the term “custom upholstery” at you. We understand that the decision may seem like it turned into something more complicated, but at Urban Barn, we’ve designed our custom upholstery program to be simple and easy to understand without having to limit creativity. Let us prove it.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3. In store, simply choose the style that fits your body, decide on the configuration that best fits your room and finally, pick a fabric that fits your lifestyle.



STYLE. In store, try to look past the fabrics we’ve picked for our floor models (unless you like them, of course) and look at the lines of the piece. Then, get comfortable! If you’re looking for a sofa to lounge on, make sure that you’re able to get comfortable on it. Don’t be afraid to lay down.

CONFIGURATION. Custom is more than what meets the eye at Urban Barn. More configurations are available to custom order such as loveseats, sectionals or sofa beds to name a few – just ask one of our sales associates for more details.


TIP: Try taping out the outline of the custom pieces you’re looking at with basic painter’s tape right on your floor. Nothing will help you to visualize how the piece will fit in your space better than this simple method will.

FABRIC. All fabrics that are part of the custom upholstery program at Urban Barn meet or exceed furniture industry performance standards. We offer hundreds of fabric options and feel confident that we have the perfect fabric for you… and we’re not just saying that! We have fabrics to show you that are ideal for life with pets or small children or to coordinate with any colour scheme you might have in mind. In store, a sales associate will be able to quickly determine your needs and recommend the best fabrics for your lifestyle.

Do you like the style, configuration and fabric combination shown? For the most part, what you see in store is available to purchase right away just as you see it. This is great if time is not on your side!

Browse to take a peek at some of the custom styles that are available to choose from. Then, plan a visit to the store nearest you to discuss with one of our helpful sales associates what combination of style, configuration and fabric might work best for you and your family. Trust us… it’ll be fun!


DID YOU KNOW? All Urban Barn custom upholstery is bench built by quality craftspeople right here in Canada. We hope you think that’s pretty awesome.


June 19 – 25, 2018 all Urban Barn custom furniture is 15% off.

We can’t wait to see what custom creations you create!


Urban Barn Customer’s Creative Creations

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